That’s right, read this blog post and share with all your friends, and in three minutes you will see exactly whatever the hell it is you are looking at as of that moment. If you don’t pass it on to at least five friends or followers in two minutes, something will happen to you; you will blink. All this, my divine eyes have foreseen, and will happen without a doubt. However I cannot say the same about the posts you’ve been seeing all over social media by your favourite evangelists and those other random human beings.

You know the posts I’m talking about. “Type ‘Amen’ to claim this blessing”, “Share this on your wall and in twenty four hours God will change your life,” those ones.


I won’t beat around the bush; this clearly has everything to do with faith, with human belief in the supernatural. It also leads me to wonder where one should draw the limit when it comes to matters of faith or if at all there should be a limit, I mean hello, this is faith we’re talking about, it moves mountains and stuff like that; the possibilities are limitless. In all honesty though, this has gone from a simple laughable matter to an extremely irritating nuisance in record time. The gullibility of some humans is baffling; but then again, is it just gullibility or an advanced case of band-wagon syndrome with a bit of wannabe-nice-person disorder? I think it’s a combination of all the above. Let’s be realistic here, how is my liking a photograph on Facebook is going to grow back a child’s mutilated limbs or put a plate of hot food in front of another. And how does not sharing such a picture make me heartless or condemn me to some horrid fate?


There’s a fine line between faith and blind obedience. What I see on my Facebook news feed is entirely blind obedience and a bunch of wantons desperately trying to be nice (or at least be seen as nice) in the hope of gaining some favour we are yet to establish. So you follow this pastor’s teaching – sorry – preaching, so some child out there is going days without a meal, but what’s your “amen” going to do to change the circumstances? All some people do is sit around, doing very little if anything to cause change, and they think typing “amen” will save a life, clothe the naked, and here’s the best part: end their financial problems. Now this is where the prosperity peddlers take charge, promising endless blessings to all who care to believe and type the “amen” regardless of what they do to get there. All of this, I believe, comes from the fact that people have taken faith and religion literally and just its good-looking surface at that, and ignored its core principles as well as those of our existence and society. Religion has degenerated into a tool of social engineering, used by those smart and cunning enough to manipulate the emotions, beliefs and actions of those dumb and gullible enough to follow (and type “amen”). The apostle Paul said faith without action is useless; action, I guess we can all agree, isn’t typing “amen” or sharing a post on Facebook, action means getting up off your behind and doing what must be done to achieve what it is that you desire. And as for those trying so hard to be nice and compassionate, I don’t mean to sound heartless, but give it a rest, will you? No need to make a public show of everything.

Having said that, all one can hope for is a cessation of those annoying posts on the news feed, more reason-backed faith, and no hard feelings. Now, comment on and share this post and you’ll make me happy.


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